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Reap the aggregate power of Local Influencers for your next Campaign
Influencer Marketing Aggregator App


Crowdfluence is a true Influencer Marketing Campaign Platform that allows Brands to aggregate the combined power of Local and Insider Influencers to achieve a total Reach that rivals even the best top-tier influencers on the planet.

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Self-Serve Create

Influencer Campaigns

Brands can self-serve create their own Campaigns, making them available to their preferred Influencers by setting filters such as Age, Gender, Location, Interests, Min/Max Followers and more.


Matching Influencers

Activate the power of Matching Influencers, either Insiders such as Employees or Influencers from the general public that match your Campaign Criteria.

Reward with

Loyalty or Payments

Reward your Influencers with Loyalty Points and/or Micropayments, and turn your Influencers into customers.


Campaign Metrics

Brands can view all Campaign Participants, including Posting Time/Date, # of Followers, # of Likes, # of Comments, Comment Sentiment and more.
How It Works


Follow along as we illustrate how the Crowdfluence system works.

01. Create Campaign

Brands submit their Influencer Campaign in a Self-Serve format.

02. Adjust Filters

Brands can then adjust Filters such as Age, Gender, Location, Interests, etc

03. Influencers Inspect

Influencers scroll through the Opportunities Feed looking for Campaigns they match.

04. Influencers Participate

Influencers one-click to participate in Campaigns they choose to.

05. Analytics & Measurement

Influencer Posts are measured after-the-fact for Reach and Sentiment.

06. Rewards & Loyalty

After post validation, the pre-defined Reward is credited to the Users account.


Local Influencers

In the Influencer Marketing industry, local Users carry the greatest weight with respect to their Followers. Unfortunately, coming to arrangements with such lower-level Users is untenable due to the work involved in dealing with them..until now.

Crowdfluence solves the Local influencer Aggregation problem, giving Brands an easy-to-use Campaign Creation process and a modern App-based participation process for the Influencers. The combined effect of this Reach delivers a superior Campaign to any type of Brand regardless of industry.

Secret Sauce

Although simple-to-use, there are some powerful behind-the-scenes features with Crowdfluence that are best-in-class


Interest Analysis

Our AI-Engine scans past post content from all Influencers to detect Post Sentiment for advanced Interests Matching, etc.

Use built-in

Fraud Prevention

Upon entry into the system, every User is scanned in detail to detect possible Fake Profiles, avoiding Fraud ASAP.

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Reward Algorithms

Every Crowdfluence customer can enjoy the use of our PhD-level mathematical Rewards calculations, optimized for Influencer participation.


Loyalty Programs

Optional for all Enterprise customers, Crowdfluence can create and manage your very own Loyalty Points Programs, therefore turning your Influencers into customers.


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Satisfied Clients

Nothing beats the word of a satisfied client when trying to assess the validity of a new technology platform. These are just some of the brands taking advantage of Crowdfluence today!
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