Crowdfluence has an iPhone version of course, which is always updated to the latest iOS.
Crowdfluence also comes on Android, to complete a well-rounded platform.
Web Backend
Our Web Application allows your org to create new campaigns at your convenience.

Although the word Influencers has been around since approx 2013, the concept of peer-to-peer marketing using authority persons has been around for many decades. Indeed, every time the advertising industry has seen a new channel come up (ie Radio in 1900, TV in 1927), the Reach of these authority personalities has grown during every one of these iterations. The rise of Influencers was just the latest in a long history of celebrity advertising accelerations….but with one major difference. Now, there’s no more gatekeeper between Celebrity and their audience, which has resulted in “everyday people” having Influencer potential.

In certain cases, Local Influencers have much more word-of-mouth marketing power on a per-follower basis than the Mega Influencers themselves. For example, consider the Regina George character from the classic teen move Mean Girls. As portrayed in the movie, Regina George commands the attention of her school in a dominant way. Every guy wants to date her, every girl wants to be her. If Regina says “shop here” for instance, that establishment will see an uptick in revenue from the followers of Miss George. One problem remains though, that of Regina George only having a short radius of influence.

Crowdfluence was designed and coded to solve this Local Influencer aggregation problem. With our state-of-the-art app-based platform, brands can now aggregate key Local or Nano Influencers along multiple key factors, to arrive at a robust and targeted campaign that is highly focused. The “Persona Match” derived from Crowdfluence campaigns is best-in-class, at a fraction of the cost. All-in-all, Crowdfluence is a new innovative solution to match Brands and Influencers in a manner never achieved before. If your brand needs a new solution to shaken things up, Crowdfluence will deliver for you.