Questions that we frequently receive, listed here with Answers for your convenience.

Currently, we are developing the Alpha stage, and are about 75% of the way through. We expect to be ready for limited test Demo’s sometime in the Fall of 2018.

Although large-scale App Development projects such as Crowdfluence are unpredictable at best, we’re aiming to enter a full Beta during Winter/Spring, 2019. At that point, we will be taking new clients into the system without reservation.

We intend on staying in beta for 6-12 months, and so can therefore state that we’ll be going to the Gold Medal release somewhere between July 1st 2019 and Jan 1st, 2020.

Brands self-serve create their own Campaigns with Filters added to allow Influencers with certain criteria the ability to participate in the Campaign. Influencers then scroll through an Opportunity Feed and 2-click to allow the pre-defined Brand Content to be posted on their Social Media profile.

Within the overall Crowdfluence platform, the Insider section gives special status to Brand Campaigns that the Influencer is attached to in some special way. Examples of this are Political Volunteers, Company Employees etc.

Once a Campaign has been published that is from a Brand that has connected Insider Influencers, those Insiders will see the Campaign available to them in the Insider section, and can participate from there.

Our internal A.I. Engine scours through the profile of every Influencer, assigning to them the following;

• A rating of their “Real Followers”, filtering out the Followers they have that are not real people.

• An assignment of various Interests, based on the Content of their Posts over the past 12 months.