Common questions about Crowdfluence

Hit us up at jordan@crowdfluence.app if you’ve got more questions and we’ll do our best to answer.

  • How will Crowdfluence work?

    We have a whole series of Explainer Videos on the How It Works page that answer this question and more. Please click on How It Works underneath the menu item called Product.

  • How far along on development are you?

    We are close to entering an invite-only Beta stage, opening up the Insider Campaigns only at first. This will be done in Winter-Spring of 2021

  • When do you expect to launch your fully public Beta version?

    Although large-scale App Development projects such as Crowdfluence are unpredictable at best, we’re aiming to enter a full Beta during mid 2021. At that point, we will be taking new clients into the system without reservation.

  • When do you expect to release your Gold Medal version?

    We intend on staying in beta for 6-12 months, and so can therefore state that we’ll be going to the Gold Medal release somewhere in Fall 2021.

  • Who should I contact if I want to invest?

    At this point, Crowdfluence is a “Bootstrapped” product, and there are no investment opportunities available unfortunately. However, we may change this policy in the future. For an up-to-date investment report, please email jordan@crowdfluence.app for more information.

  • Where can I meet Crowdfluence executives in person?

    If you’re ever in Ottawa ON, please feel free to email us to arrange an appointment. Outside of Ottawa, our Founder regularly travels to Toronto, Boston and Manhattan. For a meeting request either in Ottawa or the other cities, please email us at jordan@crowdfluence.app and we’ll be happy to set something up for you.